A brunette woman applies CC Cream using the Blending Sponge.

Weekend Wonderful

For a breezy “no-makeup” look on weekends, opt for an easy-to-wear multitasker with SPF. Dampen the Blending Sponge and apply CC Cream by gently bouncing the flat end against skin. In just moments, you’re ready for a fabulous weekend!

A brunette woman applies Mineral Powder Foundation using the Powder Brush.

Workday Polished

Get to the office in record time with this no-concealer-needed foundation that looks natural even under unflattering fluorescent lights. Simply swirl the Powder Foundation Brush in Mineral Powder Foundation, tap off the excess and buff your way to an even complexion, building as much coverage as you want. 

A brunette woman applies liquid foundation using the All-Over Foundation Brush.

Night-Out Perfect

When it’s time to dance the night away, opt for full coverage in a party-perfect finish. Apply liquid foundation with the Liquid Foundation Brush, using upward, circular strokes to blend from the center of your face outward.