• You’ve got dreams. Whether it’s earning a little extra cash or making a full-time commitment, the Mary Kay opportunity offers the freedom, flexibility and, of course, the fun that you’ve been looking for. 
  • The prizes and perks are fabulous, and nothing beats the encouragement and empowerment you receive from other women like you!
  • We know it takes time and energy to start your Mary Kay journey, and that’s why we want to help set you up for success with a great start. Your Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you going, including access to valuable resources like apps and other digital and selling tools, education and more!

  • Earn up to 40% on all the products you personally sell.* It’s one of the highest income earning percentages in the industry, making it a great part-time choice or a lucrative full-time opportunity.
  • All Independent Beauty Consultants have an opportunity to join the Leadership Programme which provides all the education and support needed to develop a team. As a leader you inspire, support and motivate like-minded people to set Family, Fun & Flexibility career goals and help make their dreams come true...
  • The world is a playground for the most successful Independent Beauty Consultants. Each year, Mary Kay offers all-expenses paid luxury travel trips around the globe. 

  • Fall for more than 300 beauty products, like innovative skin care, on-trend color cosmetics, body care and fragrances. 
  • Feel confident that Mary Kay conducts hundreds of thousands of product tests each year for quality, safety and performance.
  • NEW TimeWise Miracle Set

  • Mary Kay celebrates more than 59 years of Enriching Women’s Lives®, and Mary Kay® products are sold in nearly 40 countries. 
  • Our values-based Company has purpose and staying power. 
  • Rely on a proven business model that helps women discover extra income, empowered choices and true beauty from the inside out. 
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    Could a Mary Kay Business Help You Define Success?

    • Make your own hours.
    • Be your own boss.
    • Use the talents and passion you already have.
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    You Can Love What You Do.

    A job may require you to change yourself to fit its mould. With a Mary Kay business, you have the freedom to fit your business to your needs.

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