Brow Beauty 101: How to Create Your Best Brow

Bold and full or slim and precise, here’s your guide to creating the perfect brow for you.

Square Jaw

If you have a square jaw, strong eyebrows will help balance your features.

Long Face

Long faces need to be balanced with brows that are elongated horizontally. Just use the Mary Kay®  Brow Definer Pencil to extend your brows just past the outer corner of your eyes, and keep the shape a little bit flatter.

Round Face

For a rounder face, a high, arched brow will open up your eye area and make your face appear longer.

Pointed Chin

If your face comes to a sharp point at your chin, choose a softer brow with a low, straight arch just along the brow bone. Keep your brow pencil light and subtle.

Two Steps to a Perfect-Looking Brow

Step 1: Shape

Brush brows gently, and tweeze along the natural brow line. Use a pencil to guide you on the shape. See illustration.

1. Hold a pencil upright along the side of the nose. 

2. Angle the pencil to the middle of the iris. Your brow's arch should reach its highest point here.

3. Angle the pencil to intersect with the outer corner of the eye. Your brow should end here.
Hold a pencil upright along the side of the nose to help guide you in shaping brows.

Step 2: Define

1. Choose a color that matches or is slightly lighter than your eyebrow color. The Mechanical Mary Kay® Brow Liner in Blonde is versatile enough for almost everyone.
2. Pencil or mineral eye color? Pencils deliver a precise line, ideal for filling in sparse brows. Full brows look great with a subtle shading of mineral eye color in a shade close to your brow color. Try Mary Kay® Chromafusion Eye Shadow in Onyx, Espresso or Mahogany.
3. Make short, light, feather-like strokes along the brow. Brush brows to soften and blend.