Andrea Cigna’s star is on the rise in Argentina, and her future is bright because of the galaxy of people she inspires.

For Andrea, running her own beauty business brings her so much joy, that she positively cannot keep it to herself. Because of her joyful attitude, she has influenced many to launch their own business right beside her.

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She relies on a compassionate style of leadership that has helped her attract engaged, happy and productive people. Her approach has helped her develop deep trust and meaningful relationships to help create a community of empowered women.

“I’m attracted to people who are positive and who are on the same page with me. It lifts me up and gives me energy,” she says.

With true star power, Andrea pours that energy into the people around her, sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them shine as brightly as possible, especially when the road gets bumpy and dark. Like the time she started her business in another country and had to learn another language to run it. Or when her husband’s career moved the family to Argentina, and she had to start her business over from scratch.
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Loves a Challenge

Rather than seeing challenges as obstacles, Andrea views them as a learning opportunity to help her grow as a leader. In fact, she has notebooks full of lessons she learned as a young business owner.

Nothing makes her happier than to share them with others.

“Every challenge I face helps me learn and grow. It helps me make a greater impact on people. Of course, things change with the world, but the foundation of my business does not. It’s based on the values we share and the lives we enrich, and it’s my responsibility to carry that into the future.”
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Makeup Challenges

One of her favorite beauty solutions to share is the magic of Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. Quick to remove and easy to use, Andrea loves watching her customers react when they sample it during her beauty appointments.