As a young adult, Kristen McBride of Canada, suffered a debilitating accident but forged ahead with resilience and courage. This young mother and entrepreneur shares her positive outlook with others and helps them approach the future with an open mind.

Though a car accident broke her neck as a young adult, it did not break Kristen’s spirit or zest for life. Her enthusiasm for the business she started is infectious and she leads with an unwavering attitude of ‘you can do it.’ “I think that no matter where you are in your life, this business can complement whatever you're doing. It’s just so fun!” she says.

Image of a man, woman and child smiling

Finding Joy in the Journey

Kristen leads a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who like to look on the bright side of life.

Women of all ages belong to her team, and she advises them to start anew each day and to celebrate their daily wins together, whether it’s a sale, a new customer or discovering the latest beauty products.

To her, laughter is the best medicine, and her group finds joy in the journey because of Kristen’s positive outlook.

“If you choose to make light of your challenges and have fun with your business, I think you can soar.”