Iwona Kutnik, had a successful marriage and enjoyed motherhood but craved more fulfillment and independence.

Undecided about her path, Iwona met a woman who offered her an interesting business opportunity. The woman said she was looking for ambitious and hardworking women, so Iwona took a chance to see if that was who she was meant to be. Eleven years later, she says it was the best decision of her life.

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Uncovering New Talents

“I wanted a business that would make me feel proud and help me discover my best talents. I also knew that I wanted to do something that could influence other women who were looking for self-fulfillment.”

Iwona also had a strong desire to be an example for her children. She wanted them to feel proud of her and to see her in a different light. “I can cook a great dinner and bake a cake for them. It was important for me to show them I am also a successful businesswoman,” she says.
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Empowering Women

Starting a beauty business put Iwona on the path of colleagues who offered her advice to help her grow her business. This helped her become even more confident that she had chosen the right opportunity to fulfill herself. And she began to share the business opportunity with women of all ages who were looking for more out of life.

“From the beginning, it wasn't important to me how much product I sold. It was important for me to touch each single heart,” she says. Iwona found her niche by giving women a safe space to learn new talents and grow. “When I started my business, I felt safe enough to make mistakes and still persevere. It’s part of my journey. Now I can offer other women the same environment where they can stumble, learn and lead a more fulfilling life. I am grateful for everyone around me, and every relationship teaches us something different. It adds strength, motivation and also inspires.”
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Face of the Future

Iwona is working hard to be among the top-tier of beauty entrepreneurs in Europe over the next few years.

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