Forced to relocate to a different country during COVID, Angela Law faced the challenge of maintaining her business during the pandemic. She leaned on technology to help her virtually connect with customers and her team and deepened her personal and professional relationships across her network.

The irony of Angela’s business journey during the pandemic is that the challenge resulted in real growth. She’s using technology to widen her influence and spread her passion and beauty expertise around the world. Her future plan is to build an international network of passionate, confident women who can join her in her mission to enrich women’s lives around the world.

She says, “Virtual connections work in my business and I am richer for it in so many ways.”

Image of Angela and partner

A Passion for Serving Others

Angela says she is passionate about her business because of the focus on women. And she has an equally strong passion for planning. Her daily work plan consists of meeting with one team member a day and one customer per day. Her unique customer service model has helped her build trust and deepen the bonds she has built over her 14 years in business.

“No matter who I meet with, I help them with their beauty needs and discuss their personal situations. I am an active problem solver and I often encourage them and help them see how to face their problems,” says Angela.

“My service is a total package. Not only for your face, but for your life,” she says. In fact, many lean on her as their mentor, teacher and beauty coach. Most of all, they rely on her as a good friend whose sage advice helps them keep moving forward.
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Makeup is Love

Angela builds business connections through her love of makeup. It’s the way she attracts new customers because she can instantly watch them become happier. “Makeup is love,” she says. The product she loves most is the Silky Setting Powder that she applies as the final step of a makeover, giving customers a flawless finish to face their wedding day or any day with confidence.