María Perez of Spain discovered beauty products that transformed her skin. She has expanded her passion to bring beauty into the world for everyone around her.

"Now I’m in the most beautiful profession of all because it allows me to give the gifts of beauty and self-worth,” she says.

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Business Builds Confidence

María builds relationships one customer at a time by introducing beauty products that transform their skin. But her favorite product to offer is the business opportunity. Her early wins helped fuel her enthusiasm for her business which influenced everyone around her including her family, friends and customers.
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The Ability to Bounce Back

One of María’s greatest strengths is the ability to help others overcome their fears of failing or making mistakes.

“Everyone goes through difficult situations. The secret for overcoming obstacles is understanding that you either win or you learn from your mistakes. I think one of my best virtues is to learn and move on. It’s the learning that brings you closer to your dreams.”

Her best business advice is to be yourself. “Do not compare yourself with others but learn how to improve because you have your own set of skills. The sooner you understand you're only competing with yourself is when you can succeed,” she says.
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A Passion for Skin Care

María’s passion for her business stems from the transformation she experienced using skin care products to treat her oily skin. The products she loves the most are TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set complemented by TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D®. Together, they help her face each day with enthusiasm and give her the confidence to show others how to look and live beautifully.