Kali DeBlander Brigham was at a pivotal age when she watched her mother transform into a confident, successful entrepreneur. Kali continues the legacy by teaching a whole new generation of women.

As a teenager, Kali had a front row seat watching her mother grow into a savvy business owner. She respected her discipline and the confident way she spoke to her customers and team members. It set an example of excellence for Kali and taught her an early lesson that she carried into adulthood.

“My mom showed me what commitment and discipline looked like. She taught me to do the work now so that later you can have what you want most.”

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Following Her Mom’s Path

The impressionable teenager didn’t intend to follow her mother’s entrepreneurial path. In a job that absorbed all of her time and talents, Kali longed for the flexibility her mother had.
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Forward-Thinking Strategies

Kali’s independent streak may have come from her mother, but she runs her business on her own terms.

Her business analytical skills helped her reach her initial goals, and she methodically outlined each step forward until becoming a leader of her own team of women. She took her strategic planning and time management skills and shared them with others.

This is the part of the business that Kali finds most rewarding. “My favorite thing is to celebrate others,” she says.

She takes the role of mentoring very seriously because she realizes that not everyone is lucky enough to have a mentor like her mother.

“We all have the ability to share and show others the way, and it can be done with just a phone call. When we put others first, it’s easy to reach out and say ‘what do you need from me? How can I help you get what you want?
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Passionate about Products

Kali’s enthusiasm for her business extends to the products that she sells. True to her personality, she loves bright lipsticks and the bolder the shade, the better. “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!” she says.