Fatin started a business on the side to earn a little extra income for her household and her children. Along her journey, she learned so much more. 

Fatin started a business selling the beauty products she used to transform her skin. But when she spoke with potential customers, she had trouble connecting with them.  

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Taking Personal Inventory 

Realizing she lacked the proper communication skills to lead others, she reached out to the amazing role models around her, and they began to teach Fatin how to become more inspiring. More empathetic to others. Fatin learned that she had to leave herself out of the conversation and focus on the needs of others. 

“At first I didn’t see the full picture that the business opportunity could offer. When my sales director came to see me, the first thing I did was burst into tears. She took an interest in me and showed me how I could improve the situation,” she says.
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A Beautiful Change 

Step by step, her mentor taught her how to speak with people and listen to understand them better.  

“I learned about different personalities, and how to speak all the love languages people use to express themselves. I was surprised to learn this from people in my business, not from a professional course or program. That’s when I started changing,” she says.
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Life Changing Products 

“I was so happy to achieve my goals, I set a new goal to help others learn to change themselves too. I want to inspire women to experience success by learning new skills and ideas that can transform their whole world.”   

The beauty product that Fatin uses faithfully is the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set, a product she initially used to improve her skin and that ended up changing her heart and her entire outlook on life.