In a country like Peru, it’s uncommon for a young woman like Andrea Pérez to start a business so early in life. But this modern entrepreneur shattered that myth by combining her tech skills and her people skills.

“Once I learned that the values of the company matched my own, my business became my priority. The idea of treating others as you want to be treated resonated with me, and I quickly realized the potential.”

Closeup of Andrea holding a pink coffee mug

Conquering the Obstacles

At first, her parents were not supportive. Now they both assist her in her business and are thrilled with her achievements. They travel together as often as possible, and she loves the chance to demonstrate how she has created a more balanced work life.

Early on, the idea of becoming a leader of women energized Andrea, especially when the group of women she was working with looked to her for advice and solutions. “If I ever felt disappointed or discouraged, I knew others were depending on me which motivated me to continue to lead and help them,” she says. “I had to keep moving forward.”
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Millennial Brings Modern Approach to Success

A tech savvy millennial, Andrea has the skills to communicate in the digital world and in person, and she has attracted many followers through social media channels. Generous in nature, she shares her tech knowledge and teaches tips and ideas to her team, some who are not as comfortable in the digital arena.

Andrea loves what she does, and she especially loves the ability to empower other women so they can grow up and become the best version of themselves. “The joy of it all is to watch the women on my team, and I have the privilege of watching them grow into independent, confident businesswomen.”
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Beauty Builds Confidence

Part of developing confidence comes from the way a woman takes care of herself and her skin. Andrea relies on the popular ClearProof® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask to help keep her skin looking its best.