Anne Li found a business that added meaning to her life. Now she’s inspired to lead other millennials to a more purposeful life.

When the COVID crisis came to China, it had a huge impact on Anne. She moved home in 2020 and the life she knew lost meaning to her. To keep herself busy, she began selling the beauty products that she loved as a teenager. And the more she learned about the products, the more she shared her enthusiasm online through videos.

“It was easy because I was a walking testimony for these products. I met customers online and sold products through video chats. Strangers began to contact me online for more information and I realized people that I didn’t even know wanted my help and relied on me,” she says. For the first time, she began to feel a purpose and a responsibility to others.

“I never used to care about strangers. I didn’t trust them and didn’t pay any attention to them. Something within me shifted, and I realized that I needed a change from within,” she says.

Image of Anne wearing a hat and looking to the distance

A Millennial in Motion

As her business grew, so did Anne’s heart. She learned to care for others through customer service and that treating others with respect is exactly the way she wanted people to treat her. The more she worked, the more she changed her perspective.

“I want to influence women of my generation. People born in the 1990s haven’t been exposed to these ideas, these values. And my younger sister’s generation hasn’t either. Women are capable of fulfilling themselves through so many roles, not just by running a household or a family.”

She credits her business for helping her build confidence in herself, and trust and relationships with others. “You could say it cleansed me in a way by giving me a whole new perspective on the world.”
Image of Anne taking selfie wearing sunglasses with the ocean in the background

The Future Looks Bright

Anne’s favorite product is a serum that brightens her skin. She loves the way it treats the dark spots on her skin and helps her radiate the positivity she feels. She also loves makeup removers to keep her skin glowing and fresh. Ironically, the products she loves most mirror the way she feels inside. Renewed, refreshed and ready to change the world.