Special-Edition† Mary Kay Illuminea Dreams™ Eau de Parfum

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Dare to dream, then dare to act. This soft, floral fragrance celebrates the courageous women who bring their dreams into the light and turn them into reality. A scent for those who were born to shine, this exquisite blend features orris, one of the rarest ingredients used in perfumery. The resulting note is delicate, earthy and absolutely alluring. With an origin in France, this complex, elegant and enduring scent builds on the Mary Kay Illuminea™ Extrait de Parfum you already love, while introducing new floral extracts to deliver a sheer finish. More than 60 years ago, the dreams of Mary Kay Ash lit a spark that still illuminates the dreams of women all around the world. Continue to reflect the empowering light of women everywhere in this unique fragrance.

Fragrance Notes

  • First Impression: Pink Pepper, Apricot, Fresh Freesia
  • At the Heart: Orris Butter, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine
  • Lasting Impression: Clean Musk, Blonde Woods, Pink Sea Salt

†Available while supplies last

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  • Overview
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  • Key Ingredients

Special-Edition† Mary Kay Illuminea Dreams™ Eau de Parfum

Dare to dream in a soft, floral fragrance that celebrates courageous women everywhere. Shine with each spritz of this eau de parfum that nods to 60 years of bringing the dreams of women into the light. Add an elegant, floral fragrance to your collection with this new perfume that builds upon the Mary Kay Illuminea™ Extrait de Parfum you know and love.

Available while supplies last

Application Tips

Spray fragrance onto pulse points — neck, wrists and bends of arms. These warm areas of the skin help the fragrance evolve and provide a better sensory experience.

Key Ingredients

Orris — one of the rarest ingredients used in perfumery — brings a multifaceted lift to the fragrance. Distilled from the root of bearded irises, an ounce of this resin is more highly valued than an ounce of 24-karat gold, a proof of its purity and preciousness.

Used in scented oils since at least the first century, a half-ton of aged iris root is needed to create one kilo of orris butter — a time-intensive process that takes place over multiple years, a testament to the nurturing care essential to unearthing a dream and transforming it into reality.

In special-edition† Mary Kay Illuminea Dreams™ Eau de Parfum, this fragrance note is evocative of violets discovered in a dark wood. Delicate yet earthy, it possesses an alluring quality that’s enduring on skin.

Available while supplies last