Live Fearlessly™ Eau de Parfum

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Exude unmistakable confidence with notes of energising ginger, bold rose and warm, roasted tonka bean.

“Courage is the art of doing what we fear, no matter how difficult. Courage is truth. Courage is confidence.” – Mary Kay Ash

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Live Fearlessly™ Eau de Parfum
Mary Kay Ash believed that all women could be fearless. When the world told her it couldn’t be done, she proved that it could.

Live Fearlessly™ was inspired by the courageous life story of Mary Kay Ash and celebrates the many facets of a fearless woman like Lynsey Dyer.


Lynsey is a truly fearless woman in every sense of the word. She is a big mountain extreme skier, a groundbreaking film producer, a photographer, a world traveler, an artist and a mentor to young girls through her SheJumps organization.

As a big mountain extreme skier for more than 10 years, Lynsey has skied on six continents, won numerous competitions, been awarded Female Skier of the Year by POWDER magazine and has cemented her place as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world. She has helped open a world of possibilities for women in extreme action sports.

Lynsey’s passion for the outdoors and her dedication to blazing a positive path for women in the world also led her to cofound SheJumps, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the outdoors through mentorship. SheJumps mentors women and girls of all ages and uses the lessons they learn in nature to develop useful skills, increase confidence and find new courage for everyday life situations.

As a groundbreaking producer, Lynsey defied the sports world status quo with an all-female action sports film titled Pretty Faces. Lynsey started a film production company called Unicorn Picnic and produced the first community-driven, all-female big mountain ski film that has now won awards, sold out theaters and been downloaded around the world.

Lynsey was selected as the face of the Live Fearlessly™ launch because of her impressive accomplishments, her captivating authenticity, her driven spirit and her dedication to helping others – all of which bears resemblance to Mary Kay Ash’s story.

To learn more about Lynsey and her #IAmFearless story, watch her video under “More to Explore” above.
Application Tips
The skin is warmer on the pulse points – neck, wrist, bend of arm and back of knee – which helps the fragrance evolve and provide a better sensory experience. So spray your fragrance onto these areas.
Fragrance Notes
  • Top Notes: Italian bergamot, ginger Laos ORPUR®, lush petals. Sparkling and energizing, the top notes create a perfect opening that prepares this woman for the wonderful day that lies ahead.
  • Middle Notes: bold rose, muguet, orchid. The luxurious floral heart of bold rose, muguet and orchid fills create a luscious signature that leaves her feeling confident and empowered.
  • Bottom Notes: sustainable roasted tonka bean, cedarwood ORPUR®, Australian sandalwood, vanilla musk. The soft woods and warm musks blend perfectly with the rich, roasted tonka beans to create a soft halo around this woman that makes her feel powerful and irresistible.
Beauty in the Bottle
Live Fearlessly™ was carefully crafted with an impeccable attention to detail. The multifaceted bottle celebrates the multidimensionality of women, while the bottle’s asymmetric design represents the beauty of life, even in its imperfection. The cap represents confidence and determination, and the light gold bottle radiates the energy of a woman’s driven nature, the strength of her belief in herself and the warmth of every rising sun bringing a life full of possibilities.