Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® No-Rinse Hand Cleanser

50 ml


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Moisturising hand cleaning for on the go.
The practical hand spray takes hand care to the next level: With a four-fold combination of soothing moisturizers, hands can be cleaned without drying out the skin.

Fans all over the world love the Satin Hands® Set, which is now supplemented by the Satin Hands® No-Rinse Hand Cleanser - for clean hands anytime, anywhere:
• Thoroughly cleanses hands
• No water required, so perfect for on the go
• Does not need to be rinsed off
• Fast drying
• Ideal travel size for the handbag
• Contains shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract, glycerine and betaine
• Without fragrances

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  • Key Ingredients
  • How It Works
Satin Hands® No-Rinse Hand Cleanser

Shea butter
• Shea butter is popular for its properties of soothing dry skin, moisturising and supporting the skin barrier
• Known for its omega-3 fatty acid content, shea butter has been used for centuries to protect the skin and make it feel soft

Aloe vera leaf extract
• Rich in polysaccharides, which contribute to the skin's natural ability to retain moisture
• Helps soothe the skin
• Known for its antioxidant properties
• Known for its high content of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

• Glycerin has regenerative properties, attracts and stores water to increase the skin's moisture content
• Occurs naturally in the skin
• Helps to take care of the skin
• Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth
• Obtained from plants

• A herbal moisturiser - also called osmolyte - found in plants and helps protect cells from heat, dehydration and free radicals
• Stores moisture
• Obtained from sugar beet

• Obtained from grain
• Denatured
• Cleans hands
• 75% of the formula

Satin Hands® No-Rinse Hand Cleanser

The Satin Hands® No-Rinse Hand Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the skin with a combination of the four indispensable moisturizers shea butter, aloe vera, glycerine and betaine.

Application: Give three or more pumps pumps into the palms of the hands and rub in until the hands are dry.