In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the Mary Kay Women’s Small Business Fund was co-founded by Mary Kay China and the China Women’s Development Foundation to help women start their own companies through small business loans or microfinance. Mary Kay China has provided more than $4 million (USD) to help enrich the lives of women across 20 provinces in China.


Mary Kay Ash believed in the courage of each woman to set a goal and achieve it. To that end, we support and encourage the personal growth and financial fulfillment of those whose lives we touch around the world.

  • Worldwide, 3.5 million individuals are taking advantage of the direct sales business model by being Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. 
  • With flexible hours, a clearly defined business plan and an open-ended opportunity to achieve personal growth and financial success, a Mary Kay business is the ideal choice for individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Throughout the company’s 53-year history, more than 600 independent sales force members worldwide have risen to become Independent National Sales Directors, the pinnacle of achievement in the independent sales force.
  • Currently, some 1,400 independent sales force members in the United States have earned the privilege to drive a Mary Kay pink Cadillac.